How To Add Menu And Sub Menu In C# Project

How To Add Menu And Sub Menu In C# Project

English to Hindi dictionary making with visual studio using C#-(C-Sharp)

Lecture 02:

In lecture 01 we created the project and we are on Form1 (Windows Form) before start creating menus and sub menu i need to share some basic information about windows form,menu strip,and sub menu.

Windows Form:

Windows Forms is a graphical (GUI) class library included as a part of Microsoft .NET Framework or Mono Framework,providing a platform to write rich client applications for desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs. Form1 is winform showing in image below

windows form in visual studio

Menu And Sub Menu:

Menus are hierarchical lists of options available to users in the current context.

Drop-down menus are menus displayed on demand on mouse click or hover. They are normally hidden from view and therefore are an efficient means of conserving screen space. A submenu or cascading menu is a secondary menu displayed on demand from within a menu. They are indicated by an arrow at the end of the sub menu label. A menu item is an individual command or option within a menu.shown in image below

How to add menu in visual studio step by step

  1. select Menu & Toolbars in Toolbox
menu & tool box
select menu & toolbars in Toolbox

2.Drag MenuStrip to Form1

menu strip in visual studio
menu strip

3. Type Here option appear Type Menu Name Here we type “Word”

Type Menu name
type menu name here

4. And Then Add Sub Menu Text We Type “Add Word” Final image shown below

word and add wprd
Word Is Menu and Add Word Is Sub Menu

5. and were adding One more options in sub menu Modify Word

we continue this in lecture 03 stay with us we teach you from basic to advance in programming

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