How to create company in tally erp 9

How to create company in tally erp 9

lets begin with tally erp 9 accounting software

Create Company in tally erp 9

what is company?

what is company? in accounting its common question from them who did not belongs from commerce filed so that the reason i think to write short description on company.

Company Name:

A company is name of any business can be structured in any way. for example your company can be proprietorship,or a corporation. depending on your business it may be owned by one person or group of people. liability in most types of company is assumed by owners, and can either be limited or unlimited depending on the type. but remember one think all corporation are company but not all companies are is much border term than corporation. a company name is or business identity like our names all of accounts books and return will fill on this name etc.

so lets begin with tally  step by step

  • after start tally erp 9 (if you using demo version select educational mode ) company info: in compnay you have 6 options as image shown below

Company information in tally erp 9

go to create company highlighted in image upon

tally erp 9
create company in tally erp 9

Directory: directory is location on your computer where tally save your company data means all of you transactions and records it usually by default c:\ProgramFiles\Tallyerp9\Data your able to change that by your own custom path i suggested D:\Tallyerp\Data because D: is more safe than c:

Name : type your company or business name or shop name.

Mailing Name: some time mailing name different than business name if different your able to type different mailing name there

address,country,etc enter your self i think its no need to describe them we jump to financial year

Financial Year : financial year in India runs from 1st April to 31st march of next year. for example 01-April 2018 to 31-March-2019 is the financial year i India so books begin from mostly 01-April or your able to type your custom tally will make automatically your financial year its depend on you or your country guidelines.

User Name and Password: user name and password is security option for you to safe your data from other it is not compulsory but necessary for you keep safe your data after enter user name and password your able to chose tally audit option.

what is tally audit?

Tally Audit: tally has a an inbuilt feature- Tally Audit which enables the auditor to perform an audit or track changes that affect the integrity of a transaction, such as changes made to Date, Ledger Masters and Amounts in the Voucher are reflected in the Tally Audit Listings .

after that almost options are known for example base currency symbol chose your country currency symbol Rupees default from tally and decimal places are digit after dot for example “10.50” .50 are decimals if you chose 2 output is 0.50 if chose on output is 0.5 if you chose three output is 0.500 so accept and create company is done.

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create company tally erp 9 video

how to create company in tally erp 9

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